U is for Universal Studios

I love theme parks, and I have always wanted to go to Universal Studios (Orlando), but I will admit that my desire to go turned into an obsessive need to go when the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened.  The Harry Potter series of books are 7 of my favorite books.  As I read them, I wanted Hogwarts to be real in the worst way, and now (more or less) it is!  I’m dying to go!

As soon as it opened I was already upset that I didn’t have plans to go… then a cruel trick was played.  My parents got to go… without me.  As if the knowledge that they were there without me wasn’t bad enough, let me paint you all a picture.  They went in November.  Here is Ohio, it snowed for the first time of the season while they were in Florida.  Still, when they called me they told me how cold it was in Florida.  Really?  I mean, I understand it’s not 80 degrees and sunny, but at least it’s not snowing!  Oh, the calls… my mom kept telling me how awesome it was and “Oh, you should be here!” she would tell me.  “You would love it!”  I know I would love it!  She told me this every time she called.  She didn’t mean to rub it in, but I was going crazy!  I was in snowy, cold Ohio doing homework while she and my dad were having fun at Universal Studios!  The torture!

So, obviously, I want to go to Universal Studios in Orlando.  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is, of course, the #1 thing I want to see at Universal Studios, but it is not the only part that I want to visit.  I want to see all of Universal Studios Florida while I’m there.  I also want to go to Universal Studios Hollywood, though.  I love movies.  I love going to the theater to see movies, renting movies, watching movies at home, watching movies with friends, family, or by myself.  And, I’m the kind of person who actually watches all of the bonus materials on DVDs and then even goes and looks for more information on movies.  Universal Studios… movies… they go hand in hand!  I think it’s the perfect place for me!

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2 Responses to U is for Universal Studios

  1. Mom says:

    Excuse Me! You forget that what I said was “I feel so bad, YOU should be here” But it really was awsome!!!

    • Tricia says:

      Alright, fine… I mispoke. I SHOULD have been there. (I’m still majorly jealous that you got to go, and sad that you left me at home to “chaperone” the boy… I guess you will just have to make another trip and take me with you this time!)

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