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Myrtle Beach

Hello again world!  I haven’t posted in a while, and the guilt finally got to me… so I’m back!  I’m sitting on the floor in my bedroom, trying to kill some time before I head to bed.  I’ve been going … Continue reading

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Versailles… Ohio that is

I know most of you probably think of France when you see “Versailles,” but that is not the place I am writing about tonight.  In this post, I am referring to Versailles, Ohio.  It’s a small town (er, maybe it’s actually … Continue reading

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The Path of a Pioneer Girl

When I was in elementary school… and middle school… and high school… and even now… I was, and am, a huge fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I have all of her books.  I also have all of the books about … Continue reading

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Adventures in Saint Paul, MN

The A-Z April Challenge may be over (so I won’t be posting everyday anymore), but I just got back from a trip, so I thought I should write and tell you a little about it!   There is so much to tell, but here is the … Continue reading

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Y is for Yellowstone National Park (and it was so hard not to use Yosemite… so I will anyway)

El Capitan and Half Dome Yellowstone is near the top of my list of places I want to visit.  (Of course, as I say this I am thinking about all the other places I have written about and think that … Continue reading

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X is for ‘X’-actly where I am

Ok, ok, this is kinda cheating.  Really cheating, but I just can not think of a place I would like to go that begins with the letter ‘x’.  I do have to point out that I am not at home … Continue reading

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W is for Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House The Winchester Mystery House is possibly the most bizarre house I have ever seen.  Honestly, it is a beautiful structure.  Pictures of its exterior show what appears to be a huge, beautiful but intricately detailed house.  Intricate does … Continue reading

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