V is for Vegas

Ok, technically it’s Las Vegas, but no one calls it that.  Everyone just says “Vegas” so I am too.

I’m not really a big gambler.  I’m not much of a risk-taker, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to go to Vegas at least once!  When I gamble, I don’t gamble big.  I’m not out to win large sums of money, which means I also don’t lose large sums of money.  I’m there to have fun, and hopefully win some small spending cash as a result.

To give you an idea of my style of gambling, let me tell you this.  I can make $5 last at least 2 hours.  I play the penny slot machines.  I don’t play a penny at a time (I bet to cover all lines), but still, it’s a penny machine… money lasts longer that way.  Now, when I say that I don’t bet to win big and just want some small spending money, let me again explain.  I pulled a five dollar bill out of my purse, played on it (on a penny-machine) for 2 hours and cashed out with $20.  Ok, I only won $15, but I didn’t lose anything!  I had fun!

I don’t want to go to Vegas just to gamble, though, seeing as I’m not a big gambler.  I also want to see Vegas.  The architecture looks so cool!  The resorts look so neat on the outside, and I’m told its fun to walk around and see all the different casinos inside too.  So, really, I want to see Vegas, gamble a little, relax by a pool for a while… just enjoy a relaxing and fun vacation.

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2 Responses to V is for Vegas

  1. It’s late in the challenge but I finally made it to your blog. Nice work!

    • foreignfilm1 says:

      I am not much of a gambler but my Irish grandmother sure was! Born on St. Patrick’s Day she was the luckiest member of the Kelly Family. She would bingo at least twice a week and most often always win.

      She loved Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Altough I never went with her to Vegas my family and I took her to Atlantic City. While we visited family and checked out the beaches of Long Island, Grandma Z was hitting the slots and playing black jack.

      When I would ask her about Las Vegas she would talk about the colorful lights, the Vegas shows where she saw Jerry Vale (her favorite Italian singer), and what casinos were lucky. Oh, I miss my Grandma! She was a barrel of laughs and like I said, the luckiest person I know.

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