R is for Rocky Mountains

I know what you’re thinking… geographically, this is a huge area to cover.  The thing is, I really don’t know that I care what part of the Rocky Mountains I see, I just want to see them.  When I went to California several years ago, we spent some time in Yosemite (a GREAT place and AWESOME vacation).  The Sierra Nevada’s are beautiful.  I find the mountains to be so peaceful, amazing, and awesome… so I really want to see the Rocky Mountains now!  I’m open to different options for where to stay in the mountains though.  I don’t think it needs to necessarily be too touristy because I like to just do some hiking and other outdoor recreational activities.  Where do you suggest someone go who wants to see the Rockies?

Whew… just made it in time today!

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One Response to R is for Rocky Mountains

  1. bstanze says:

    You should check out Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. I went a few years ago and it was just spectacular. Not only are there the mountains to see, but a lot of wildlife, such as elk and longhorn sheep. It was just beautiful!

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