I is for Italy

For me, Italy is the European country I most want to visit, and I would love to “sample” the entire country.  By this I mean that I don’t want to just go to one area of the country.  I want to see as much as I possibly can.  There is one place in Italy that I want to visit more than any other, though: Rome.

Rome’s history is complex, to say the least.  It is an area of history that can not be covered in a semester or two at college.  Unfortunately, this was all the time that I was able to dedicate to Ancient Rome while I was an undergrad due to the fact that I chose to focus my studies on American history.  Still, I feel this need to visit Rome.  Just because it was not my area of concentration does not mean that I do not have a passion to learn its history!

Rome seems like the entire city would act like its own museum of cultural history with attractions such as the Colosseum.  An entire city full of history!  A history major’s playground!  A public historian’s dream!  As if walking around the city wasn’t enough there are plenty more museums to visit.

I know I’ve spent most of this post talking about Rome, but I really do want to see more of Italy than just this one area… it’s just, if I had to pick one area, I’d pick Rome.  Still, I is for Italy, and I definitely want to see as much of it as I possibly can!

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One Response to I is for Italy

  1. Zoanna says:

    I agree. In fact, I think after talking about Italy for years now, I have talked my hubby into going there for our 25th anniversary this year.

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