H is for Hawaii

There are so many places I want to visit right in the USA, and Hawaii is definitely one of them.  I honestly have never heard of anyone who has been there who has regretted it.  I have never even heard of anyone who went there who didn’t absolutely love it!  It seems like a truly beautiful place.  Again, I am a history nut, so I would love to learn more of the history of the islands while I was there.  I would want to get a glimpse of the culture, definitely.  I would be torn between wanting to fill everyday with another exciting adventure or just relaxing on the beach.  Maybe I would be lucky enough to be able to do both!

Today, in Dayton, Ohio, it is raining and storming.  It was supposed to be somewhat warm, but it hasn’t gotten there yet.  Today’s weather really makes me want to go someplace warm like Hawaii… soaking up the sun, lying on the beach, or exploring the local culture.  Either way, it beats sitting in an apartment working on school work and watching it rain outside!

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