G is for Grand Canyon

Another natural wonder I want to see: the Grand Canyon.  I think this is probably another spot that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime, and I have not yet been there.  I would want to take some guided tours, but maybe also spend some time exploring on my own.  I am no hard-core hiker by any means, but I still love to do some!  I stick to the paths, though.  Still, being a National Park, I imagine there are some great opportunities for this kind of adventure and exploration.

Hopefully some day I will get to go; but in the meantime, I would love to hear about other people’s trips to this or other National Parks!  Which ones do you recommend and what activities there?

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2 Responses to G is for Grand Canyon

  1. bstanze says:

    I took a bus trip to the Grand Canyon in April of 2006, while I was vacationing in Las Vegas. It was overcast when I visited, but the clouds broke a few times just long enough for me to get some great pictures. I really what to go back again and spend more time there. As for other national parks, if you haven’t already, you should check out Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain National Park. I love the Rockies and the West, so that is why I am partial to these areas. The scenery and animals are simply amazing!

  2. maggie z says:

    Matt and I had a great time exploring the Grand Canyon. Try to stay in one of the cabins along the rim – we did, although we didn’t know it when we got there. It was dark, and we just thought we had a regular cabin. We woke up the next morning, stepped outside, and did a double take – we were right at the edge! We visited the meteor crater after this, which was very cool. On a side note, we also had our first mutual ghost experience that night after leaving the crater. I’ll save that for another conversation.

    Yellowstone is by far our favorite national park. Apparently we have arrival issues, though – we also got there at night. The manager told us there were bison on property, so we were looking around for them. When we pulled up to our cabin, all we saw were these glowing eyes – there was one literally camped at our front door, so we had to tiptoe around him. He stayed out there all night. We’re looking forward to going back and exploring a bit more.

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