F is for Frankenmuth, Michigan

Frankenmuth is a very special place to me.  My family used to go to Frankenmuth every year on the same October weekend.  My brother and I would have Thursday and Friday off of school because of teachers’ meetings, so we would spend a long weekend in Frankenmuth.

We always stayed at the same hotel, the Bavarian Inn.  This is possibly the most fun hotel I have ever visited.  When we first started going, there were a total of 2 pools and 1 arcade.  Now there are 5 pools (and not just your average pools: 1 features a waterfall, another is a splash zone for kids… and adults), 2 arcades, and an indoor mini-golf course.  There is also this play house that takes up an entire wall near one of the arcades.  It is two levels and has a slide from one of the rooms of the top level.  I have great memories of playing in this house when I was much younger.

As if there wasn’t enough to do in the hotel, the town is also awesome.  No trip to Frankenmuth is complete without going to the Bavarian Inn Restaurant for some of the best chicken in the world.  The whole dinner is amazing, and I’ll admit that my mouth is watering as I write this.  There are also little shops around town that are fun to walk through.  Rau’s Country Store is one of my favorites.

Last but not least, I have to mention Bronner’s.  This is a huge Christmas store filled with just about any sort of Christmas decoration you could possibly think of wanting.  I have to warn you, though.  It is easy to lose track of time in here.  If you like to shop, I would plan on spending several hours, possibly the whole day here.  It is a large store, and there are so many things to see.  My dad and brother would spend the morning here with my mom and I and then go back to the hotel after lunch.  My mom and I, being the expert and conditioned shoppers that we are, would spend the rest of the afternoon here as well.  One last bit of advice if you plan on making a trip to Bronner’s: make sure to visit their website before you go so you can print off a coupon that is good for a free ornament with a $25 purchase.

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3 Responses to F is for Frankenmuth, Michigan

  1. bstanze says:

    I took a weekend trip to Frankenmuth this Fall. It’s a cute little place to visit. Probably my most vivid memory of my trips up there as a child isn’t of the town, but of a sign on the drive up. It was my brother’s & my first time going to Frankenmuth and we were getting there pretty late. It was dark and foggy out and we drove by a sign saying not to pick up hitchhikers because there was a prison nearby. I remember my brother & I freaked out, more to bother our parents, I think, than out of real fear.

  2. foreignfilm1 says:

    I’ve never been to Frankenmuth, Michigan but it sounds like a pretty interesting place! I have been to Mackinac Island in Michigan and this place is absolutely beautiful. On the island itself, one is not allowed to have cars so everyone travels around on bicycle. Although the lake was too cold to swim in, riding and hiking in and around the island’s woods was a great experience.

  3. Lynda K says:

    When we lived in Ann Arbor, we’d go to Frankenmuth a couple of times a year. Glad to know you’re a Bavarian Inn person (and not that other place…LOL). You’ll have to get Patrick chatting sometime about our escapades there…. again, a favorite place!

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