Venice, Florida

Wow.  Blogging.  Me?  Really?  I never thought I would actually join the world of blogging, yet here I am.  So what should I blog about?  I have been contemplating about this since Monday evening, and I have asked multiple people if they had any ideas for me.  Still, I could not decide, but I’ve reached my deadline.  Start a blog by the end of the week.  So now I’m sitting here on the couch, and all I can think about is that it snowed this week and I’m still trying to warm up from the few minutes I was outside tonight.  I want to be somewhere warmer… somewhere with warm sun and no more snow (at least until December)… and then it hit me.  A blog about where I’d like to be or at least go someday.  A blog of “Wishful Travels.”

So where do I want to go?  Tonight I have stuck in my head Venice, Florida.  I went on a family vacation there years ago, and it was great.  We stayed at a house that was only 2 blocks off the beach.  A short drive away from the house was another beach: Shark Tooth Beach.  The waves bring in the shark teeth, making it a fun challenge to find the biggest, most complete tooth.  It’s a treasure hunt.  Who doesn’t like that?  Tomorrow, Venice is expected to be a sunny, warm 78 degrees.  Yeah, I think that’s where I might like to be… at least for a little while… not that I don’t like it here, but Dayton’s Friday forecast is 50 degrees and rainy.  Not the best of weather, is it?

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3 Responses to Venice, Florida

  1. Jeremy Katz says:

    I was just in Florida :^P

  2. vandera1 says:

    Great post, fellow traveler!! I have a few friends who have taken cruises to Alaska, and they all loved it, highly recommend it!

  3. Lynda K says:

    I love this idea! Very creative…. and who doesn’t want to be somewhere different than where they are?!?!

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